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banana melon seed

banana melon seed


A smooth fleshed melon with a funny shape! This melon is sweet, but not musky like cantaloupe or muskmelon. The flesh ripens to a yellowish-green hue and emits a pleasant banana smell. This is a truly unique heirloom dating all the way back to the mid-1800s. Vines produce a decent amount of fruits (3-6) and weigh between 5 and 8 pounds each. What makes these superior melons is their shelf life and shape. Shelf life is around 1 1/2 weeks longer than its more popular melon counterparts. The shape is superior because very little is wasted. Because the skin is so thin on these melons, most of the melon can be consumed rather than be tossed away on the rind like its more round and more “visually appealing” counterparts. A must grow for seed savers and those that love trying new varieties. Also great for beginners since the vines grow rather fast, don't take up as much space as other melons, and really (once started) are very self-maintaining.

  • specs

    Days to Maturity: 85
    Full Sun
    Approximate Seed Count: 30
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