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Our mission is to provide fresh, healthy, nutritious food to our community, while creating local food security.

Our Story

Southern Wisconsin Organics is a 1st generation family farm located in La prairie, WI, built from scratch one row at a time.

founded by owner/lead farmer Joe Kincade in 2019 ,

Now a family farm with wife Sarah 'educator in Madison' and daughter Mary Jean 'future organic farmer' born in 2022! and now our son charlie joseph born oct 30 2023!

we supply farm fresh produce to local community's across southern Wisconsin through our CSA program, farmers markets, wholesale, on farm sales, donations, and online sales,  a

we grow all of our produce with natural and organic practices only growing Non GMO crops with zero synthetic inputs.

we use regeneritve and permaculture techniques throughout our farm and pride our selves in our soil health and fertility.

in 2022 we added a second high tunnel to our farm ,a pack house, walk in cooler, orchard trees, and converted over 1/2 acre into permanent no till beds enabling us to produce abundance from this small acreage plot.

its amazing what a small family farm can do with a great community backing it, we appreciate you and cant wait to see what the future brings

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Silverwood Partnership and educational program

In 2020 we developed a partnership with Silverwoods Park in Edgerton, Wisconsin which is enabling one of our dreams of educating others on organic market gardening and small-scale organic produce farming. As land prices rise and commodities stay at low prices, farmers are forced to live off of subsidies, large debts, and loans. The common farming practices used are not sustainable for our future generations. And in most cases, it’s very hard to enter farming unless it was handed down generation to generation, so we want to show the future generations how to enter into farming. we want to inspire our youth to show them that there are other possibilities in farming and it is a very humble, lovable, wonderful lifestyle - not one to be looked down upon. 


Our goal at Southern Wisconsin Organics is to help promote organic practices that are regenerative and sustainable to promote a healthy future for our children and future generations.

  1. added 40 acres of pasture for our pastured/grass fed lamb and beef program new to 2023

  2. We are in the process of converting most of our field space to 'No-Till' permanent garden beds to grow even healthier crops and reduce soil erosion.  By growing a living soil we give our plants the available nutrients they need to thrive.

  3. we added a second green house to provide us with earlier crops and season extension! this will also provide use with even higher quality greens!

  4. update! 1/27/23  we are adding a 3rd green house much small but greatly needed for our seedlings!! 12x20' also will do some retail sales of plants out of this new green house!

  5. we are also in the process of adding a mycology lab to our farm for production of gourmet mushroom variety's such as lions main, oyster, shiitake and a few other variety's as we expand!

  6. added approximately 100 more laying hens to our flock to keep up with demand, two new variety's from a local hatchery in beaver dam wis.



What inspired farmer Joe to start farming? Well a few things got me into organic farming..... for years I was somewhat living on the unhealthy side, a bit over weight and having health issues because I was eating mostly processed and fast foods that are so easily accessed in our stores and community. Just look around fast food stores are 100 to 1  to health food stores or better options sick of my lifestyle I decided to switch my diet to mainly organic foods then I started to fell the difference in my everyday life. I lost weight almost 50lbs, my back pain got better, I had more energy , I started to feel better than ever and got off all medications..... Shortly after switching my diet I then realized how much our community lacked organic producers and decided to give it my all and transition my career from construction to organic sustainable farming. Now I love the happiness I get to enjoy each and every day by taking care of my crops and animals, and supplying my local community with healthy organic produce, all while building this amazing dream on rock prairie. What i enjoy most about farming is educating and inspiring others of what my experiences are and to inspire our younger generation to farm sustainably with organic practices. Planting a healthy seed for our future!

other inspirations-As a child I spent a lot of time in north east Iowa visiting My grandparents and they are farmers. I really loved to spend my time helping them on the farm where I felt whole and enjoyed learning the process, I love the life style they live. its very humble and self sufficient and a healthy community of other like minded surrounding them. also as a child we spent a lot of time in the garden with mother Jean and sister Jessica, learning how to grow food that fed us kids all season long! now we continue growing as a family and preserving our harvests! its a wonderful process that really brings the family together!

"I believe food is our medicine and by eating organic, healthy diets, we can heal ourselves of a lot of ailments and health problems. I definitely feel the difference in the foods that I eat and want to share that with others. It make me very happy to share this with you all!"

- Joe Kincade

Owner, Lead Farmer

Where to Find Us & Our Products

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Let's Grow a Healthier Future, Together.

2020 - 2022 we donated over 1000 plus pounds of fruits and vegetables to local charitys and food banks. when you support our farm you are supporting your community as well!

donate to help support our mission! 100% of donated funds go to new and existing projects on the farm!

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a load of sqaush off to local food banks

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