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July 14 csa pick up

Hello csa members, We are now packing our csa boxs Thursday mornings to ensure you get the best quality produce possible.

Updated pick up hours for csa pick ups will be Thursdays from 12pm - 8pm

Any questions or concerns please let us know

thanks much, farmer joe

Side note amazing onion harvest!

One of our csa members came through and offered us a hand today and we were able to harvest out entire field of onions almost 20 75' rows! What a accomplishment! we definitely appreciate any extra help we can get around here especially after spending a week in the hospital with our first born, the farm kinda ended up in the hospital to, and needs some some help getting things back together again, things like harvesting planting , weeded, mulched ect., planting flowers, painting ect. If anyone would like to help out in there free time please send us a message to arrange something. Thanks again!

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