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First csa pick up! June 8th

Surprise! Our first csa pick up is already here! We have been working 100+hr work weeks all season to make these beautiful harvests happen! Sorry for the delay in notifications we are short help this season and are doing our very best!

First pick up is tommoro, Thursday June 8th

Our first pick up time will be any time after

4 pm, possibly sooner we will send out another blog post once everyone's share is packed and ready in the walk in cooler, we will also include pick up instructions and other important information. Half shares already received email regarding your dates some of your first pick up dates will be on June 15th

Note- please bring your own container to place your produce in upon pick up we are reducing waste this season and are using the same reusable crate every week for your share.

We appreciate everyone's support this season and look forward to providing you some amazing produce in the coming weeks!

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