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Grass fed Lamb and beef

We will be taking pre-orders for the fall of 2024 for lamb and beef. These animals will be raised on our lush 40 acre better than organic pasture in Edgerton Wisconsin. They are rotationaly grazed through our paddocks and moved daily to new fresh grass. Currently we have pure organic katadin sheep raised 100% naturally ! Our steers are pure breed jerseys sourced from a local dairy in Janesville, the jerseys yield the highest quality cuts with amazing flavor. We will be offering some of our jerseys as organic grain finished as well.

We will be posting our prices soon for this and offering a plan similar to our veggie csa program! Very limited supply!

If intrested please reach out immediately to request more information until we have our plans available to help us better understand the intrested in our program!

Thank you much! Farmer Joe

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