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July 4th csa ready for pick up!

Happy 4th of July! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! We have some amazing veggies to make it even better! This weeks share contains-

Salanova lettace, kaleabration, Cucumbers, garlic, green pepper, green onions, radishes, cilantro and purslane?!! What's purslane its a delicious native plant full of nutrients and very delicious when prepared properly, aftwr a few years of proper management i have finally got enough ti consider this a crop on our farm! We really enjoy eating these, we recommend using like noodles they take on any flavor you throw at them, heres our recipe for Asian style purlane


Purlane,garlic, onion, oil or butter, soy sauce, chicken Bolion cube.

bring water to boil with chix bolion cube, and add purslane cook until tender and then strain,

take skillet and add coconut oil or your favorite oil or butter chop onion and garlic saute till tender, add spice, pepper flakes ect. if you would like some heat. Then add purslane and saute it like a lo main noodle. Add some soy sauce to flavor and maybe a bit more oil if needed. And serve with your favorite veggies or protein. Absolutely delicious!

Hope you all enjoy and thank you so much for being apart of our csa we appreciate you!

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