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July 6 csa ready for pick up!

This weeks share is ready for pick up! With the quickly changing weather this week we have had a difficult time getting everything harvested. We also had issues with our cooler on the last really hot day and lost all of our crops we had stored. But with that being said we got the problem solved and everything is harvested fresh for you today and very delicious!

this weeks share contains

Fresh harvested lettace mix

Fresh harvested spicy brassica mix



Zucchini or summer sqaush

Walla walla Onions

Green onions




Lets pray for some more rain, Our fields desperately need it. The last storms completely missed our veggie fields and pasture in Edgerton. glad we have good water supply to irrigate some of fields and feed our cattle! Well hope you all enjoy your share and

Thank you all for being a part of our csa!

Here's a picture of farmer joe , farmer haven and future farmer Mary packing your csa shares!

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