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June 15th csa pick up ready!

Hey Csa! we just finished up with packing your shares! They are ready for you in our walk in cooler! Please remember to bring your own bag or container as we are reusing the brown plastic bins your share is in. With that being said This week we have some amazing produce for you!

First off some yellow stone carrots I planted way back in February to give you this harvest today! These were grown in our small green house!

Next up some better than organic strawberrys these berry's have never been treated with chemicals or sprayed for bugs ! Our kids eat them right off the plant so we do not treat with anything! With that said they have been washed/sanitized and are ready to eat!

Then we have some amazing romain lettace grown in our hightunnel to perfection! It will need to be washed yet! Same with our lettwce greens this week. Also we have some spinach, radishs , and Cilantro all grow pesticide free!

Hope every one enjoys this week's share! Thank you all for supporting our farm though this program!!


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