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June 30th CSA pick up/stork drop off

After a five long days in labor and the nicu our daughter finally made it home! What a blessing, I am so thankful momma "sarah" and "future farmer" baby Mary! are healthy and happy as can be!

With that being said I was able to get all of your veggies harvested fresh last night with the help of my little nephew Cooper and aunt Jessie! Cooper liked to pick the peas , he may have ate most sorry guys jk 😜

Well I hope you all enjoy this week's produce and thank you all for supporting what is now one proud"family farm" God bless and thank you all!

~Farmer Joe

This week's box contains ~ oak leaf lettace, Sparx Romain, Waltham29 broccoli, Easter egg radishes, Tokyo Bunching onions, sugarsnax carrots, garlic scapes, green garlic and best of all Coopers favorite treat sugar snap peas!

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Allison Dowell
Allison Dowell
Jun 30, 2022


Replying to

Thank you allison!

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