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June 6th CSA pick up! our first csa harvest of the season!

hey all! finally our first csa harvest!! i know many of you are new and some returning members so i wanted to give you all some information on your first pick up, some things have changed since last year so please take time to read this for returning members,,

What you need to know-

-we will notify you when shares are ready for pick up through blog, pick up should be after 5:00pm on Thursdays.

-all full share members will be picking up

- half share members you received a email regarding your first pick up, if you did not receive this email please reach out to Jean via text or call @6082953850

-all shares will be picked up from walk in cooler

- please park up front by turn around or in grass by farm stand to reduce traffic on the farm with the small children and animals running around we appreciate this.

-bring your own bag or cooler to take home your produce as we reuse the crates weekly and can not afford to replace them

-outside cooler there will be a table to unpack your share from crate do not do this inside cooler, please enter cooler, grab share and exit cooler and close door immediately please do not leave cooler door open as it will cause our cooler to freeze up,

once cooler door is closed feel free to give it a kick to get it to shut tightly as it has some issues closing time to time... (hope to have this fixed soon as well as new lighting in cooler)

-your welcome to check out the farm when you come to pick up your first share if you would like to see the garden area and such feel free to check things out!

we really appreciate you all supporting our farm thru this program and look forward to our best season yet! also apparently most challenging as well with all this wild weather we have had many set backs, as many know alot of our crops were damaged in the storm from winds and debris..and we now also encountered extreme rains and flooding im not sure the total damage of all the crops but we are working around the clock to get these crops replanted and repairs made. thank you all for the understanding in lack of communication as well farmer Joe is the one who takes care of all of these blog post , social media and websites, csa program ect.. its been extremely difficult to do all of these tasks when i have all of these added tasks and problems from the storms, hopefully we can catch a break here and have an amazing rest of the season thank you all and look for our next blog post letting you know your shares are ready for pick up...

Thanks much

~farmer Joe


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