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Sign up for your CSA today!!

Spring is here! or pretty close we would hope! Please if you have not signed up for our CSA program please do! we look forward to continuing this program and we can not do it with out You!

Currently our farm is undergoing major upgrades and these upgrades are very expensive so we definitely appreciate your support early on this season, we are not a non profit organization but we do put every penny our farm makes right back into it as well as our personal savings and income to continue to grow our farm to be sustainible and some day support our family while feeding our community and creating food security.

so we are hoping with your help joining our csa we can take a little of our stress off our plates and put some amazing produce on yours!

this years projects currently under way~

~construction of 30x100 high tunnel nearly finished just waiting for good weather to cover it!

~ a new chicken barn for our hard working laying hens to have more room for nests and some new brooding area for chicks! we are hoping to have it built before the end of April as our new hens are about ready to lay!

random cute mary pic!

The farms newest helper Mary Jean now 9 months, loves to watch her papa work also likes to try to "help" out with chores as much as she can! I Think growing veggies is amazing but this girl makes it all the better looking forward to many years of growing as a family!

dont mind marys booger nose she dont like it wiped to much lol

other projects going on~

~adding new storage area 20x40 for our grains and milling equipment to save on travel with heavy equipment and storage fees.

~adding a 40 acre pasture that we are saving from going into conventional cultivation, and taking over a small herd of sheep, hoping to offer lamb to public this fall, also our goal is to raise several steers and have limited amounts specialty grass feed organic grain finished beef to have some amazing marbled organic beef! this pasture also gives us the ability to expand our poultry project and many other opportunitys.

~hoping to add new retail building of sort to offer our meats and other products that dont do so well on the farm stand, such as seeds, bulbs, dry goods and more.

these are early crops in the green house/nursury we planted in febuary and hope to harvest second week of April our first cuttings. next year we will be able to replicate this on a much larger scale with our new high tunnel and provide our community with amazing produce early in the season!

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